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14 5 Page 15 whirlpool Friday, May 4, 2001 3:10 PM Water stop anti-flooding whirlpool whirlpool system (depending on model) Screw the whirlpool hose to whirlpool the water supply tap.
whirlpool The mesh filters could be clogged (see Maintenance and Cleaning / Water Hose Mesh Filters).Approved type conforming to BS 1362 and proceed as follows: Remove the fuse cover (A) and the fuse (B).Connect the water supply hose and the power plug.For Great Britain Ireland only: Water inlet: hot and cold fill.Facilitate moving the machine, pull the handle situated at the bottom front (optional on certain models) out a little by hand and pull it out to the stop with the foot.5.Drain hose Connect the drain hose to the siphon whirlpool or hook it over the edge of a sink with the U bend (see Installation/Connect the water drain hose).Place the four outer screws B on the machine and tighten them.2.Open the drum by pressing the small flap and holding the large flap. Check whether: the appliance is level and solidly installed on all feet (see Installation instructions the transport screws and transport bar have been removed.
Place the siphon caps in the dispenser (if removed).
It will fall into the drum.
Electrical connections must be made in accordance with local crack regulations.3.If the machine continues to function incorrectly, call After-Sales Service.The After-Sales Service sticker is in the lid of the foreign body trap or on the rear of the machine.The appliance must not be connected to the mixing tap crack of a non-pressurized water holder heater!The service code (number after the word service).Under the feet.Loosen coins the locknut using the wrench provided.Refit both into the plug.The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible.2.Empty pockets Coins, safety pins and similar items can damage your appliance drum and tub.A holder small quantity of water can remain in the dispenser.The brown wire must be connected to the terminal holder football which is marked with the letter L or coloured brown.Check whether: the siphon is correctly installed and clean (see Maintenance and Cleaning/Dispenser Cleaning Instructions enough water is being crack supplied.Remove detergent from compartment if you intend scrapping your appliance.