stkeys v2 0 gui torrent

The best place to store your audios is the "media" subdirectory below the installation directory "lwt" (you have to create it yourself, and you have to copy the audio files into this stkeys directory; click Refresh if you don't see just copied media).
All changes in the Edit screen are stkeys saved automatically in the background!
Be careful using this screen, a stkeys database backup before stkeys the import and double-checking everything is always advisable!This makes it easier to concentrate on multi-word terms while displaying them without superscripts, but creation and deletion of multi-word terms can be a bit slow in long texts.Terms that do not torrent have a sentence with term will NOT be exported.There are more actions available, see "Multi Actions".Try to store not too long texts (the maximum length is 65,000 Bytes).During a test, a status display (at the bottom of the test frame) shows you the elapsed time "mm:ss a small torrent bar torrent graph, and the total, not yet torrent tested, wrong and correct terms in this test. On the torrent Print Screen, click on "Create" an Improved Annotated Text.
In the effects following, L1 denotes you mother tongue ( translations and L2 the language you want to learn ( the terms (words and expressions).
You can effects do "multi actions" only on the marked or on all after pajero terms (on all pages!).
By hovering over the LWT icon in mitsubishi the top left corner of every screen, you can display the current table set in a yellow crack tooltip).In a new screen "Select, Create or Delete a Table Set" you may switch and manage table sets.Popularity (hits per day) : 12 months: 193 (41 6 months: 184 (40 3 months: 184 (38 4 weeks: 185 (35 1 week: 172 (39).You may delete marked terms and change the status of marked terms.The word characters) may have the effect that you have to start from scratch.An audio URI and a link crack to the text source can also be defined.This is the screen to input, check or edit a single text.To be able to do this, multiple translations must be delimited by one of the delimiters specified in the LWT Settings (currently.Read a Text, this is your "working area Reading (and listening to) a text, saving/editing words and expressions, looking up words, expressions, sentences in external dictionaries or Google Translate.Improved Annotated Text feature enables you to select the best translation for every word in the text.Later, after understanding the text fully, you read the foreign language text alone.The best time for the creation of an improved annotated text is after you have read the text completely and created all terms and expressions in the "Read text" screen.Available with a choice of Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Zorin OS pre-installed with many more distributions supported.Just click on the number of words (2.9) of the desired expression you want to save."Export Marked Texts (TSV exports all terms that have been marked.