persona 4 the animation episode 2

Yu, grief-stricken and enraged after Nanako's death, first has the intention of pushing Namatame into the television set to persona face his persona own fate against his Shadow, but he then episode changes his mind.
The next day, the local shrine has gotten an excess of donations, which the fox lets Yu use to buy a new umbrella for Nanako.
That night, Dojima asks Yu if he has been persona animation getting involved animation in anything, aware that persona Yu was at Tatsumi Textiles and worried that he is getting in over his head.Although Yosuke is upset by this, Yu is not convinced that they have the full story just yet.Much to their shock, when they put on their glasses, they are able to see through the fog, which Chie suggests could mean that the fog from the television world may be leaking into the real world.Finding Kanji at the bathhouse seen on the Midnight Channel, who is struggling with his other self in a compromising position."Catch Me If You Can".Meanwhile, Teddie goes to see Nanako, who has dreamed that he disappeared but she could still hear his voice.22 "It's just like Heaven" Jun Kumagai March 9, 2012 28 In the Velvet Room, Igor reads their guest's fortune, and Margaret discovers exactly what fate lies in store for their guest.Margaret : I see two Arcana shinging brightly in your future: The Moon and Strength.He stops Yuuta and Kaneko from fighting over the latter's toy robot, which breaks during the fight. Yu and Yosuke return to the television world, having Chie remain behind.
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But when he is brushed off nero as a troll, he storms out of his house and turns himself in to the police.Persona 4: The Animation.Mitsutaka acer Hirota (December 1, 2011).Several weeks later, Kanji joins up with the group to find out who pushed him in the television world in the first place.Later that day, Yukiko is approached by the same disturbed student who had been crack stalking her, but she again turns down his offer to go out with him.Journey beyond the Velvet Room as the hit PlayStation 2 game becomes a spectacular anime in Persona 4 the Animation!Yu invaders apologizes to her at the nurse's acer office, acer and then asks to listen to her play the trombone.After the boys arrive at the station, Dojima is told by Naoto that Nanako may have been kidnapped by the serial master laptop killer, prompting him find the culprit.Additional ending themes include "Koisuru Meitantei" lit.As Rise is harassed by multiple other selves, she rejects them, turning her main other self into a large Shadow.

She loses track of Yu when Teddie interrupts her for some pastries persona 4 the animation episode 2 on her first attempt.
As it seems that the group is no match against Kanji's Shadow, Yu fuses two Personas into Yamata-no-Orochi, also accepting the bunny-shaped phonestrap charm that Kanji made as "cute".