nec electra 48 voice mail manual

Dial the voice last number redial code.
Announce the manual call (optional).
Stations save the last 50 calls answered with Caller ID information.
Voice Mail manual Overow, if Voice Mail automatically answers trunks, Voice Mail Overow manual can reroute those trunks to voice an extension, Ring Group or UCD Hunting group when all Voice Mail ports are busy.Placing Calls using Caller ID Information Press the Directory key until the desired number is displayed then lift the handset.After the Transfer goes through, the caller will hear the co-worker's entire greeting and can leave a message in the mailbox.The default lockout code is set to (10 zeros).Rapid Flashing Red, message from Attendant, slow Flashing Green.Set Station Speed Dial Numbers Press the Feature key Press the Redial key Dial the speed dial location voice 80-99.If dialing electra the trunk access code returns a busy signal, dial 78 and hang.When your telephone and the busy telephone become idle, your telephone displays a Feature LED message.Conversation Record, while on a call, an extension user can have Voice Mail record the conversation.Only the handset or headset may voice be used to respond. Placing calls using account code entry With an outside call in progress, press the Feature key.
To scroll through speed dial options, press the SYS or STA keys and press the UP/down softkeys to scroll through all the entries.
Call Park To set call park with a call in progress: Press virtualbox the Transfer key.
Forward Busy and No Answer Calls: Press the Feature key Dial 43 Dial the destination station number or voice mail or trunk access code and outside number and press the Feature key.Dial your disa ID code.Automatic Callback marriage If the station is busy, dial 0 for Automatic callback before hanging.Cancel: Press the Speaker key.Converse after the tone or wait for a ringing call to be answered.Press the Feature key.Dial the station lockout cancel code.Some board federal and state laws service require some windows form of notication to all parties to a telephone conversation, such as guard using a beep tone or other notication methods or requiring the consent virtualbox of all parties to the telephone conversation, prior to monitoring or recording the telephone.TO check your messages from outside THE office: *Dial main number, connect with Voice Mail operator (After hours, the Voice Mail operator will automatically answer) *After V/M operator answers, Dial 9 during the greeting *Dial your mail box number *Dial your security code *Follow the.Automatic Redial After placing a call to a busy or unanswered outside number, Press the Speaker key or hang.Without overow, the outside calls ring Voice Mail until a port becomes available manual or the outside caller hangs.The Feature LED will flash when your phone is in Call Forward Mode.Place the second call.Press the Speaker key again.

Placing Calls nec electra 48 voice mail manual Internal Calls Lift the handset Dial the extension or "0" for the attendant.
To Cancel: Press Speaker.
Dial Call Park location 0-9.