Once loaded game up you game can easily mod using console commands.
A attack that decimates opponents, resembling a full dragon breath.
Conjure Skeletal Archer Titan Expert Summons a permanent Skeletal Archer Titan to fight game for you.
Frenzy Rune Expert A rune that when engaged gives off frenzy skyrim effect.Drain Stamina Adept A spell that drains 37 stamina per second cast on target.Elemental Cloak Master A defensive save spell that gives the caster shock, fire, and frost cloak.Glacial Destroyer Master, a attack that decimates opponents, resembling a full dragon breath.Conjure Skeletal Shock Mage Adept Summons a permanent Skeletal Shock Mage to fight for you.Increase your damage dealth (insta-kill increase your run save speed, increase health/stamina/magicka.You can also Fortify Carry Weight by 200 save for 30 sec.Conjure Ancient Dragon Master Conjures an Ancient Fire Dragon to fight for you for 200 seconds.Conjure Spriggan Apprentice Summons a Spriggan to fight for you for 60 sec. Terra Barrage Expert A spell that epson uses potent leaves to do damage to a target.
Conjure Wolf crack Spirit Adept Summons a wolf to fight for you for 60 sec.
Static Enchantment Adept Enchants the weapon in your right hand dealing additional shock damage.
It should save to the location: PS3 savedata.This is now ready infinitum to be encrypted back to PS3.Conjure Skeletal Dragon Master Summons a permanent Skeletal Dragon to fight for you.Elemental Outburst manual powerlite Master A powerful offensive spell that does shock, fire, and frost damage.Add money, create semi custom vanilla manual weapons (only if they exist in the vanilla epson game, not in ESP/ESM files and more, requirements: PS3 (Can be CFW or OFW).