Probably game developers didn't had enough time patch to finish game balance themselves, thus final official.31 version lacks all of that.
You have orion to wait until the server-player start the game by start NEW game and only after that you should start your dosbox and the game, then in main game menu click multiplayer, patch then network, then join game.
To do so you need to edit appropriate settings in system registry, or use patch software tools like RivaTuner or ReForce.It shouldn't happen in local network, unless both computers have incompatible network mask - in this master patch case just edit those.Reality - only a few planets have this special.However, orion the galaxy is a harsh and hostile place.Also with CRT monitor you may like to set your natural screen resolution for fullscreen mode, to prevent your monitor from entering uncomfortable 640x480 resolution mode.Graphics configuration in DOS BOX.In some aspects of the game it is very similar to chess, in other aspects it is very similar to Go, and the early stage of the game is very similar to poker.Txt" in "Shortcuts" folder. Place the archive in the root of disk C or disk D or disk.
In this episode case just create new episode rule in your software, allowing dosbox full access to network.
If you miss already checked all above and still have no ventafax connection, then most like likely you both have no direct vizio IP address and thus can't connect directly.
Aa: I would like to have more planets with specials.You may read about it in details in Web_pages folder.How to resume unfinished multiplayer game?Also your video driver's options may contain required settings to fix ventafax that (something about Custom Resolutions or User Resolutions).If you doesn't like the image stretching on wide screen, you need to set aspecttrue parameter, which will keep the image proportions to 4:3.The only downside is your time.