It should look like this a clear hole visible through the jet 7: Now reassemble the carburettor, taking care to put all the pieces back in the right places!
A simple service should make yours more reliable.Version only 5767 KB mariner mariner 14' optimax JP.S.Make mariner sure you dont lose the keyway (see 6).A wheelie bin filled with water is ideal for stroke flushing the engine stroke 2 Take the cover off and manual give everything a good squirt of manual WD40 now and then.Version only 279 KB stroke 1' logbook 800 KB 2' 30 (HT) - 46 (HT_FB) - 54 (HT_HTV_FB) _ 10235R21 3153 KB 8' optimax _ KB 19' optimax _ 10199R70 3158 KB 8' 200-225 optimax _ KB 17' optimax _ KB 7' optimax _ KB 21'.Check for fraying in the cord and give the spring and bearings a squirt of lubricant.Mariner Parts Inventory m keeps thousands of Mariner parts in stock.Version only 5970 KB 15' 300XS optimax.S.Contains specific instructions for using and maintaining the products. After a hack long winter indoors many 2-stroke outboards are vizio reluctant to start.
Replace the fibre oblivion washers on both bungs lauren and put them back in, starting with the lower one.
Carefully slide in the gearbox, making sure the water pickup pipe (small spigot just above the gearbox linkage in this photo) is unblocked and lined up manual correctly inside its socket.Date, save, view, full size, time, lang.Nine out of 10 problems we see are down to the main jet being blocked, says Steve.Version only 3739 KB 9' 25-30 (4-stroke) _ KB 12' 40 (4-stroke) _.S.Version only 1158 KB 3' 4-5-6 (4-stroke) _ KB 11' 40 (4-stroke) _ 10212R81 4785 KB 12' (4-stroke) _ 10223R81 version 3474 KB 8' 8-9.9 (4-stroke) _ 10241R80 762 KB 2'.5-3.5 (4-stroke) _ 10251R60 5388 KB 13' 15-20 (4-stroke) _ 10252R81 6521 KB 16' 75/90/115.Version only 2977 KB 7' 200 sportjet _.S.4 Check you have spare shearpins.Version only 653 KB 2'.5 EFI-2.5 EFI SS-2.5 EFI OS _.S.Version only 5198 KB 13' verado 350 SCI (4-stroke) _.S.

If not, clean out any carbon deposits and check the sparking gap matches the recommendation of the engine manufacturer.
Version only 5238 mariner 15hp 2 stroke service manual KB 13' verado 350 SCI fourstroke _ 8M8021356.S.