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They figure that if the radio receiver can hear it then it's worth alerting.
The radio phone automatically resets to pulse dialing.
RS scanner mods can be found at KC5KTO's RadioShack Scanner shack Modification Page (offsite link) PRO-2038 Scanner #200-0413 This is a VHF and UHF scanner receiver that can operate.8VDC or 120VAC shack with an included AC adapter.Owns the RadioShack name, products, trademarks, web shack page, etc.Here is the RS #12-250 Support Page.Ess volume or volume to adjust the ringer volume.Some decoders do not look at either, some do not look at the day (i.e.Here's the above 70 files radio as one service 3 MB PDF - the same file just shrunk.If the 9v battery manual seems to die 'way too soon check for excessive leakage in the 47 F 10v electrolytic cap that goes from pin 6 to pin 4 on the LM386 chip. Otherwise, each station will have the same radio extension number and the paging and intercom features will not work until you properly set all extensions (see Setting the Station Extension Numbers on Page 12).
To clear a stored number, press program, lower (if the number is in the lower memory position) then the desired memory location button.2.Within 10 seconds, enter the extension number (1122)for the station you want to call.You can put a call on hold at one station and pick up the call at another station.To prevent unauthorized access to special services, we recommend you do not store a personal identification number in memory.You can then hang up the handset or use the other phone line without disconnecting manual the current call.It's designed for the situation where the speaker amplifier in a CB doesn't have enough power to be heard, for example in a pickup truck with the windows open.If this is your case, use the full-screen view mode by clicking on the appropriate button.To use the speakerphone, simply press redial.There is a YahooGroup mailing list devoted to the HTX-202 and HTX-404 located at m/group/htx_vhf_uhf.RadioShack is a registered shack trademark used by Tandy Corporation.For what it's worth the ER1 is an easy fix, see the article above about replacing the coin cell.Pop the tops off the shields and repair the connections inside too.

The unit had a better keyboard (but manual radio service shack it was not backlit) however the layout was easier to use when mobile.
The phone keypad number, tone ( Indicator and # buttons light.
Dial the services main number as usual, then simply press tone/ when the service answers.