manual de taller yamaha yz 85

Correct Drive chain roller Drive chain sprocket checking THE drive chain support.
Refer to cylinder head.
yamaha 1 2 taller 2 1 For installation, reverse manual the removal procedure.Adjusting THE front yamaha fork legs.Check: shift fork pin shift fork cam follower Bends / damage / scoring / wear Replace the shift fork.Click here manual to download your 2003 YZ125 M LC owners manual.Checking THE clutch plates.Note: To prevent damaging the wheel, place a rag taller between the screwdriver and the wheel surface.5-29 kick starter AND shift shaft ENG removing manual THE primary drive gear.Use only distilled water. Install: clutch serial spring clutch spring bolt 6 Nm (0.6 mkg,.3 ftlb) note: Tighten the clutch spring bolts in stages and in a crisscross pattern.
To avoid pinching the tube, make sure the wheel rim band and tube are centered in the wheel groove.
Clutch spring free length.0 mm (1.30 in) Limit :.0 mm (1.22 in) EAS00284 checking THE clutch housing.
This will speed up assembly and allow for the correct font installation of all parts.Note: Turn the crankshaft slowly.Crankshaft width.90.95 mm (1.768.770 in) EAS00399 checking THE crankcase.Turn the throttle stop screw in direction or until the engine runs at the lowest yamaha possible interstate speed.When checking the wire harness, perform steps (1) to (3).Check: lead coupler connector Moisture Dry with portable an air blower.Perhaps the users of m can help you answer your question.Disassembling THE rear brake master cylinder.Category: Yamaha YZ85 Date: January 20, YZ85 Z (LW)Z 2010 YZ85 Z (LW)Z 2010 YZ85 Z (LW)Z.pdf.ownloads Details The following file is a free PDF available for download.Kg / mm kg / cm2 Centigrade (C).997.2234 9 / 5 32 lb / in psi (lb / in2) Fahrenheit (F) A: Distance between flats B: Outside thread diameter 2-12 A (nut) B (bolt) 10 mm General tightening torques Nm mkg ftlb.Section Symptom Large Jump gap Medium gap Check Small gap Rebound damping Stiff, tending to sink Spring set length Rebound damping Spongy and unstable patch Spring Rebound damping Heavy and dragging Spring Rebound damping Compression damping Poor road gripping Spring set length Spring Compression damping Bottoming.Install: pilot coast jet driver main nozzle main jet holder main jet note: Install the main nozzle with its chamfered side facing the carburetor.Install: radiator cap 3-14 checking THE cooling system / changing THE coolant CHK ADJ EAS00104 checking THE cooling system.