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Application object that isn't controlled by you.Navigate to Insert tab, and from Pages group, click word Page Break.Highlight the word paragraphs or lines you want to keep together.Keep with next: Makes sure no breaks happen between your selected paragraphs.Other Kinds of break Page Breaks, word also offers additional types of breaks you can add to your document.Text Wrapping: If you have a picture or other object in your document and want to add a caption, the text wrapping manual break will keep the caption with the object while making the rest of the document flow around both the object and your caption.In order to insert a page break, place the insert cursor insert where you want to break page from, head over the Insert tab on the ribbon, and hit the Page Break button, present in Pages group.For instance, don't use Selection without qualifying. The following screenshot shows result after inserting Word page break.
If you've just finished a paragraph and insert want to reader start typing on a new page, the cursor will be at the end of the paragraph and y you can continue to step.How to Add a Page Break.Column Break: If your document is formatted into multiple columns, you can force text software from the first column to move software to the next one.Double-click the break you want to remove.Continuous Break: Creates a new section, like word the next page break, but doesn't start you on a new page.For break example, you can use a different section to rotate a page to landscape or code portrait mode, add a different header or footer, or format the section into columns without affecting the rest reader of the document.Word will start a new page wherever the cursor.

End Sub, if you want to run the code from another application without setting a reference to the Word object library, you must replace all Word-specific constants with their values, insert a manual page break in word and take great care to make all objects refer back directly or indirectly to the.
There are two simple steps for creating your page break:.
End Sub, regards, Hans Vogelaar.