When you inquire about memory your patch, please send picture, size, any color schemes if it is letter.
We are not able to bike add dates to to lack of room in memory the rectangle.We are a 501(c 3) organization dedicated to supporting veteran's causes.Custom:.00 each (Select Custom Above mC Patches 2" x 2".00.5".5".00 3" x 3".00, qty: Size: 2" x 2".00.2.5".5".00.3" x 3".00.Broken Wings bike Patch Details, this is an patch embroidered broken wings patch, one of many memorial patches, that also says "In The Wind Forever." This patch was memory designed several years ago with memory bikers in mind.Both are 15" wide. Marines veteran 3-Piece Patch Set 15" Recon Jack, the rockers are the patch same size, photo is at an angle.
Black patches have a black border.Changes made upon request.The broken wings patch is not a patch that you see everywhere which makes it more desired.We respect all and fear non.You would need to email us at for 50 pcs.90 each or 100 pcs.50 each.Its a very unique type patch and many times when I make these at bike rallies for someone, I get calls to order more when bike they get home and friends see them.