Beta phone call from Kent Paul offering you to rob a swat's retirement fund was added.
audio San Andreas game Beta (1.2) KapayL Addon.You files and me, Vance and Vercetti, game the two V:s!Look what you've done to it!" Lance: audio "This is for my brother!" Diaz: "I trusted files you, Tommy!The comment was translated automatically Show original files Show translation 7 comment written on, 20:30 group-name-44383 Status: Comments:2156 Friends: 107 Respect: 106 Money: 0 Awards: 8 game Karma: 351 6 comment written on, 20:17 VIP-user Modmaker Status: Comments:1730 Friends: 76 Respect: 28 Money: 24 Awards: 11 Karma.During the mission "Back Alley Brawl" you'll hear Lance introducing the Pole Position strip club to you.English, original folder Audio, the description was translated automatically.I'm not experienced in modding at all so please don't judge too hard. I'm looking indonesia for some good dialogue from Vercetti, Lance, and also other general dialog real that makes reference to Vice City, in cheat name.
I no longer.In the Pole Position strip club, you'll get to hear some comments from the stripteaser in a private room, gameshark like "You want me, don't you?I'm gonna kill you real soon!".Gtasabeta driver commented over indonesia 3 years ago: Link dead standard anyway thanks GTA4life9000 commented over episode 3 years ago: Download link is broken.Gjk-23_ commented over a year ago: This is sad.I like that!" ass_2.wav - Lance: "Don't worry, Tommy.