One year manual warranty on CD lasers.
Note: After a cue point is set, pressing the manual track manual skip buttons (6) clears the gemini cue point.The left side of the crossfader (20) is channel 1 and the right side is channel.Trouble shooting If the disk will not play, check to see if the disc was loaded correctly (label side up).Do not return equipment to your dealer.Track skip : The track skip buttons (6) let you select the track to play.Worldwide manual Headquarters 8 Germak Drive, Carteret, NJ USA Tel (732) Fax (732) France.S.L.The search buttons (7) are also used to accurately position the disc at the point where you wish the track to start playing.Playback display: The playback display (5) displays gemini the time remaining to play and flashes slowly when the track has 30 seconds left.Switch # (13) allows you to select the phono 1 (5) or gemini the line 1/phono 2 (4) input.Slide the switch left for 115 volts or push the switch right for 230 volts. This position on the track is memorized as the cue point.
The playback display (5) flashes quickly when the track has 15 seconds left.
The phono/line coffee switches (8, 9) enable you to set the (3, 4) inputs to Phono or Line.
No part of this manual may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, electrical, mechanical, optical, chemical, including photocopying baseball and recording, for any purpose without the express written permission of Gemini Sound Products Corp.The unit will go coffee into the pause mode baseball and the location indicated on the display will be the new memorized cue point.Press the play/pause league button (9) league to save league the new cue point.Please refer servicing to a qualified service technician.Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.Do not place the unit in an unstable location.Features 2 Phono/Line Convertible, 1 Phono, 1 Line and 1 Mic input Gain controls for each channel Removable Crossfader Cue Section Cautions.Before sending the unit in for repair, try playing a CD that you are sure plays properly.Do not touch the inside screws serial (C).Press the play/pause button (9) to begin play from the cue point.Mino, 112, Nave 1, Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain Tel: Fax: Gemini Sound Products Corp All Rights Reserved 4/.

Plug the unit in and gemini cdj 10 manual press the power switch (2).
If they are okay, check your amplifier or receiver.