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Jammu and Kashmir and construction was started in 1970 by Central hasti Hydroelectric Project Control Board under the Ministry hasti of Irrigation and Power.At the peak of construction, about 12,000 personnel including contractors worked around the clock to complete the project from 1970s hasti to present day, under proper guidance and maintenance of India's most successful company.Length of non overflow dam hasti : 125.The project was taken by HCC and various contractors.Nhpc on ownership basis for Operation and Maintenance.1, the dam construction started after entering mutual agreement between India and Pakistan in 1978.Edu uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.2, contents, history edit, the project was conceived in 1920.Type of gate : Radial, top elevation : 495.91 m (1,627 ft deepest foundation level : 383.4 The project has become hasti purely a run of river hydro electric station causing reduction in power generation and outages of power station during the floods with high silt load. Salal Dam hindi : Sall Bndh also known as Salal Hydroelectric Power Station, is a run-of-the-river power project on the, chenab River in the, reasi district of the Indian state.
Stage-I of the project was commissioned effects in 1987.
Nhpc (National Hydroelectric Power Corporation).
After completion of project, it was handed over.Spillway at top of the, concrete Dam, used to remove crack excess water from dam, at Salal Hydroelectric Power Station.The existing diversion tunnel for the dam construction can be restored to serve the sediment transfer purpose or a new tunnel can be connected to the reservoir at EL 1365 ft level by lake tapping method (if needed) which was implemented in Koyna Hydroelectric Project.3 Tailrace tunnel edit Number : Two Length Stage I :.463 km Stage II :.523 km Shape : Horseshoe Diameter : 11 m mitsubishi (finished) Design mitsubishi discharge : 412 m/s Velocity :.2 m/s 3 Transmission lines edit Name of Grid : Northern grid Transmission Voltage : 220 kV Total length of lines : 446 km Double.Skip to main content, academia.5 The simulator dead storage level can be changed/ lowered up to EL 1365 ft level (without violating the agreement for the Salal Project which says dead storage level shall not be higher than EL 1600 ft) so that the volume of water above the new.Full Reservoir level : 487.68 m (1,600 ft) 2, maximum water level : 494.08 m (1,621 ft dead storage water level : 487.68 m (1,600 ft).First unit of Stage-II of the project was commissioned in 1993, second in 1994 and third in 1995.The reservoir capacity can be restored as permitted manual by Annexure D (12) of Indus flying Waters Treaty (IWT) by installing low level tunnel spillway for removing the sediment from the reservoir and prevent further sedimentation in future.

In 1978 construction of the projects was entrusted.
The feasibility studies on the project commenced in 1961 by the state government.
2 It got completely silted and only marginal dead water storage dul hasti vol 2 pdf behind the crest gates is left out.