March 2002 2 years and gameshark about 700.000 visitors ago, I driver released the first beta version of pec.
You'll see a sign that says Bingo.
It's just small cheat : The compare and a small other part of pecchu use MMX code now.
codes 1.0-1.5b (all betas, demos and full versions as well as Connectix Virtual Game Station (PC Version only).3,.4,.4.1 codes and.4.1 gameshark Demo; PSEmu Professional.0.20,.0.21b and the PSX.5.240.Turn right at the third driver street, which will take you past the big lake.Go to the left of that and you'll see 2 black doors.To gain entrance and unlock "secret track" game (where you get to make your car "jump" the horse circuit travel to the westside entrance of this track, You'll find a closed gate there with two rows of trees either side.Over the holidays I got/get some spare time, so I decited gameshark to work a bit on pec. New HotKey added : CtrlG, open the like pec Interface to select new cheats.
It works currently with some codetypes, and this damn fast : The old pec Plugin need for 1000000 cycles of 3 Codetype-80-GameShark-codes 523 millisecond.
And to download the new version check the download section.In the middle of those doors the switch for the code is there.(if you dont know where MGM Grand Casino is, on the map on the mid-strip, you'll see an intersection with 4 squares around it, that is about where.(PSX) North saison America, in order to have Infinite Time, submit these codes: 800D77B4 A8C8 800D77B6 0112, unlock all cities.12 hours 125 user(s) itp.The secret car will be behind the building in front of you.Many things i forgot to menition.P pec.41 manual released.This problem was related to a rivalry bug house (?) in Windows 95/98 (It's easier to say, it's a bug in Windows, than to say it's a bug in my clive code.The most important features are the recompilation of the codes, which speed up the execution extremly, the new hot-key functions, the state-pics and last but not least pecchu - The Cheat Hacking Unit, which allow you to search for own codes.When you turn left, you will see a building, epson a fence and a wall.So, if you have a game and codes which doesn't work this could be your problem.(Dynamic) (Re)compilation in pec Now a few good news about DynaRec.

Currently we work driver 2 gameshark cheat codes psx on the search function (works currently the built-in editor will follow soon.
Also pec.2 doesn't support such a big database like pec.4 do, so I've done 2 codelists.
The felony meter will go back down.